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Under the Hood: Australia's CSIRO

You Can't Read Culture. It's a Feeling.

Date: May 23, 2024

Location: Virtual

Quantum Women's event series Under the Hood is designed to foster professional connections in the quantum tech industry and empower female talent to land their dream jobs with dream teams.

On 23rd May, we hosted a virtual session with Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, bringing together leading experts to discuss quantum technology applications, career paths, and the integration of diverse scientific disciplines within research projects

The session highlighted CSIRO's interdisciplinary approach and its impact on both national and global scales. Discussions underscored their commitment to both groundbreaking research and practical applications, fostering a deeper understanding of the opportunities within CSIRO for emerging scientists and engineers.

  • Amena discussed her transition from classical AI to quantum machine learning, outlining the significant potential of integrating quantum computing with machine learning to enhance healthcare and cybersecurity solutions. She explained the development of quantum generative learning algorithms for medical applications.

  • Katja shared insights into CSIRO’s broader impact and her personal career journey. She explained the multidisciplinary approach at CSIRO, the integration of quantum technologies into various sectors, and her own career path from paper technology to leading significant projects at CSIRO.

  • Liam discussed CSIRO’s role in quantum biotechnology. He delivered a comprehensive presentation on the application of quantum technologies in biotechnology, particularly highlighting a project on using quantum sensors to detect iron levels in blood, which could revolutionise healthcare diagnostics.

Throughout the session, the speakers addressed questions on career progression, Microsoft’s strategy to attract and retain women in STEM, the types of qualifications sought after, and personal strategies to overcome imposter syndrome, providing a comprehensive view of the diverse career opportunities, supportive culture, and the importance of resilience and continuous learning within Microsoft.

The goal with our Under the Hood series is to spark the creation of long-lasting relationships between employers and future quantum tech talent, introduce potential candidates to a wide range of career opportunities, provide a platform for employers to showcase their technology, people, and culture, and ultimately promote diversity and inclusion in the quantum tech industry.

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Watch the recording here.

The QW Team.

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