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The quantum race is well underway!  In the coming decades, advances in quantum technology research and commercial applications will usher in extraordinary opportunities for productivity improvement, economic growth, and job creation.



New discoveries will have profound implications in virtually every sector of our society and economy.

This revolutionary technology is today finding its way from academic theory and scientific labs to corporate board rooms as businesses explore commercial use cases and algorithms that address computationally complex business problems. 

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Multiplicity of perspective promotes scientific and technological excellence and leads to breakthroughs essential to the betterment of our society.



Despite significant advances for women in employment in the past 60 years, a large under-representation of women in the areas of quantum science, technology, engineering, and mathematics remains.

Increasing women representation in science and technology, across all levels of the corporate ladder, is critical in continuing to drive meaningful creativity and innovation.


With access to the right resources, at the right time, we collectively help empower women to fulfil their true potential.


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Are you early-mid way through your career or pursuing studies in quantum or a quantum-related discipline?

Join our community and gain access to resources that will help you stay resilient and successful, professionally and personally.


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All rising leaders need sound advice and guidance from those who have gone before them.

Coaches provide wisdom and teaching to the next generation of science and tech leaders so they can go on to leave their own mark and legacy.


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Experts are accomplished professionals within or outside of science and technology.

Experts bring diversity of perspective and advice, complementing our coaches, helping our members reach peak performance.


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Make a real difference to our members through your financial or in-kind support.

They are innovators and problem solvers, who have chosen a career in science and tech, set on making a lasting positive impact on the world.


We focus on supporting women science and technology leaders of today and tomorrow.  To achieve this, we need both women, LGBTQIA+ identifying women, and men to be part of our community.  Diversity of perspective is instrumental in helping us achieve our mission and drive equality.



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