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Under the Hood: Nomad Atomics

You can't read culture. It's a feeling.

Date: September 6, 2023

Location: Virtual

Quantum Women's event series Under the Hood is designed to foster professional connections in the quantum tech industry and empower female talent to land their dream jobs with dream teams.

On 6th September, we hosted a virtual session with Nomad Atomics, who is developing innovative quantum sensors to change the game in mining, underground resources, and navigation. Nomad Atomics recently secured venture capital funding and is expanding the team, emphasizing curiosity, resilience, and adaptability. Their team expansion is not just about numbers; it's about finding the right fit - individuals who thrive in a collaborative and balanced work environment.

The event provided a comprehensive overview of Nomad's work, emphasizing the technical, business, and cultural aspects of their operation. It highlighted the company's innovative approach to quantum sensor technology and their focus on practical applications and customer-driven product development.

Each speaker provided insights into different aspects of Nomad's operations, from technical development and product design to business development and market expansion.

  • Kerrie Jackson discussed her role in expanding the company's market presence and customer base. She spoke about the importance of understanding the technical aspects of Nomad's products to effectively communicate their advantages to potential clients. Kerrie also touched on the diversity and adaptability required in her role, especially in the dynamic environment of a startup. Her insights provided a glimpse into the strategic efforts behind Nomad's growth and market expansion.

  • Dr Kyle Hardman provided an overarching view of the company's mission and operations, sharing the company's approach to understanding and using their devices in practical applications. Kyle highlighted the importance of customer discovery in guiding product development, adapting to customer feedback, and ensuring the technology addresses real-world problems. He also stressed the importance of the continuous exploration for new applications across various industries.

  • Dr Silvana Palacios highlighted the challenges the company faces in transitioning their products from laboratory concepts to market-ready technologies, and the ongoing efforts in preparing for the next generation of sensors. Her insights provided a deep dive into the technical backbone of Nomad's innovative products.

After the presentation, participants seized the opportunity to ask questions during a dedicated Q&A session.

The goal with our Under the Hood series is to spark the creation of long-lasting relationships between employers and future quantum tech talent, introduce potential candidates to a wide range of career opportunities, provide a platform for employers to showcase their technology, people, and culture, and ultimately promote diversity and inclusion in the quantum tech industry.

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The QW Team.

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