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Quantum Women Launch!

Providing Perspective and Inspiration to the Next Generation of Quantum Women

Date: June 15, 2022

Location: The Quantum Terminal, Sydney

After many months of preparation, we are excited to announce the launch of Quantum Women, a professional network of current and rising women leaders in Quantum Technology and related STEM fields. Our launch event attracted nearly 60 attendees from quantum/STEM students, early- to senior-career academics, government, and industry.

Three distinguished quantum leaders - Founder & CEO of Silicon Quantum Computing Prof Michelle Simmons, Head of School of Physics at UNSW Prof Susan Coppersmith, and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Quantum Dr Maja Cassidy - spoke in a candid, transparent, and fun way about their professional quantum tech/science journey, sharing captivating and inspirational personal stories. Their stories triggered, during the subsequent networking session, meaningful conversations among the audience and inspired a few to come up with ideas and topics for future events.

This is only the beginning and we hope that we can keep providing useful experiences and learnings to elevate, empower, and inspire women to achieve their full career potential.

The QW team.

Event Sponsors:

Photographer: Rocky Su

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