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Under the Hood: Terra Quantum

You Can't Read Culture. It's a Feeling.

Date: September 26, 2023

Location: Virtual

Quantum Women's event series Under the Hood is designed to foster professional connections in the quantum tech industry and empower female talent to land their dream jobs with dream teams.

On 26th September, we hosted a virtual session with Terra Quantum, a full-stack quantum technology company delivering end-to-end capabilities in quantum algorithm design, quantum computing, and quantum security.

The event showcased Terra Quantum's interdisciplinary approach to quantum technology, highlighting the integration of algorithms, computing, and security to solve complex problems and the importance of building a diverse team to drive innovation in the quantum industry

Each speaker provided insights into Terra Quantum's ambitious approach to integrating quantum computing into mainstream applications, focusing on their respective areas of expertise—ranging from business development and partnerships, quantum security, quantum machine learning, to quantum optimization.

  • Romi discussed Terra Quantum's ambition to mainstream quantum computing and its business model. He outlined the company's focus on developing hardware-agnostic hybrid quantum algorithms, a hybrid quantum cloud in collaboration with QMware, and efforts in quantum security to mitigate quantum threats.

  • Jack talked about quantum security, specifically the quantum threat to classical encryption methods and Terra Quantum's approach to developing quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols. He shared his educational background in physics and philosophy, and his transition into cybersecurity before joining TerraQuantum.

  • Asel focused on quantum machine learning, explaining how quantum technologies could improve classical machine learning models. She highlighted the potential of hybrid quantum-classical models and the challenges and opportunities in developing new quantum algorithms and layers.

  • Fiona detailed the process of combining quantum and classical optimization methods for industry solutions. She emphasized TerraQuantum's approach to decomposing large-scale problems and the use of their proprietary optimization algorithm, TetraOpt, alongside classical methods.

On the topic of hiring practices, Jack noted that TerraQuantum houses standard business roles such as sales and project management, in addition to the technical quantum roles. He mentioned that the company has no shortage of quantum expertise but often seeks industry vertical expertise, which is becoming increasingly valuable as the company grows. He also touched on the importance of applying pre-existing expertise alongside some technical understanding in future roles at TerraQuantum, underscoring that as the applications of quantum computing expand, there will be significant opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds, particularly in roles that merge business and technical aspects. Fiona added that TerraQuantum is actively looking to hire a quantum hardware lead, indicating that the company is expanding its hardware development team, with opportunities potentially available for individuals interested in device design and related sectors within the quantum industry.

After the presentation, participants seized the opportunity to ask questions during a dedicated Q&A session where the speakers addressed questions about hybrid quantum computing, regulatory bodies, quantum hardware, and job opportunities within Terra Quantum, particularly highlighting the diverse skill sets and roles available beyond just technical positions in quantum physics.

The goal with our Under the Hood series is to spark the creation of long-lasting relationships between employers and future quantum tech talent, introduce potential candidates to a wide range of career opportunities, provide a platform for employers to showcase their technology, people, and culture, and ultimately promote diversity and inclusion in the quantum tech industry.

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Watch the recording here.

The QW Team.

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