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Under the Hood: QuTech

You Can't Read Culture. It's a Feeling.

Date: June 27, 2023

Location: Virtual

Quantum Women's event series Under the Hood is designed to foster professional connections in the quantum tech industry and empower female talent to land their dream jobs with dream teams.

On 27th June, we hosted a virtual session with QuTech, a mission-driven research institute for quantum computing and quantum internet, founded by TNO and TU Delft, collaborating with academia and industry globally.

The discussion focused on the opportunities and experiences at Q-Tech, the dynamics of working in quantum technology, and the practical aspects of moving to and working in the Netherlands. It also covered other tpics such as the hiring process, the importance of recommendation letters, and the culture of collaboration within Q-Tech.

Charlotte Van Hees discussed QuTech's mission, interdisciplinary approach, and the collaborative environment combining fundamental research with applied engineering. She highlighted the importance of diversity, the blend of different organizational cultures, and the challenge of creating new technologies.

Audrey Monje provided practical information about relocating to the Netherlands, the job market, and the work-life balance in the country. She explained QuTech's recruitment process and the range of roles available, from scientific to support staff.

Prof Barbara Terhal shared her journey and experience in quantum computing, emphasizing the importance of academic freedom, integrity, and openness in research.

After the presentation, participants seized the opportunity to ask questions during a dedicated Q&A session.

The goal with our Under the Hood series is to spark the creation of long-lasting relationships between employers and future quantum tech talent, introduce potential candidates to a wide range of career opportunities, provide a platform for employers to showcase their technology, people, and culture, and ultimately promote diversity and inclusion in the quantum tech industry.

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Watch the recording here.

The QW Team.

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